Friday, 25 November 2011

White Fence - Is Growing Faith says: White Fence’s trippy, distortion-laced, psychedelic pop-influenced tunes (sounding, in other words, something along the lines of a warped cassette tape featuring The Left Banke or The Merry-Go-Round) are the brainchild of Timothy Presley (also a member of the like-minded groups Strange Boys and Darker My Love). The project’s self-titled debut was released on the Woodsist label in the spring of 2010. For the project’s next release, White Fence Is Growing Faith , Presley didn’t change much. The January 2011 album follows the same sometimes goofy, always trippily tuneful template of the debut.

I was put onto white fence a while back but never really got around to appreciating just how good they were until recently when I say a youtube video for their song sticky fruitman has faith. It basically shows some slow motion followed by sped up and slightly warped visions as well as people doing the "shake" while drinking beer and pushing each other - basically the way I would want people to act at every gig I ever go to for the rest of my life.

On Is Growing Faith  there is a healthy dose of garage pop tunes mixed with Beatles/sgt. peppers influenced psychedelic rock with a slight hint of old 60's surf rock a la The Atlantics, etc.  Listen if you like: Beatles, The Beets, The Mantles, Tame Impala, surf rock.


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