Monday, 8 October 2012

Kitchen's Floor - Bitter Defeat b/w Down 7 Inch

The latest release from Kitchen's Floor's ever-changing lineup is quite possibly their best stuff yet and easily one of the best 7 inch releases of 2012.

Released on the resurrected Negative Guest List record label, the vinyl release contains just two absolutely heartbreaking, bummer-rock jams; Bitter Defeat and Down.

The band has had an almost complete lineup change since their Looking Forward To Nothing LP release on Siltbreeze from last year, with Andrew Mclellan from Brisbane band Cured Pink joining on Organ and Robert Vagg taking over on drum duties from Joe Alexander (Loose Grip, Per Purpose, Bedroom Suck Records)

With each vinyl purchase comes two alternate versions of the songs, which were recorded before the death of close friend and Negative Guest List founder Brendon Annesley. The alternate versions sound somewhat more hopeful and cheery, recorded at almost twice the tempo speed.

Kennedy re-recorded the songs following Annesley's death, using the songs as a tribute to his friend's legacy.

The vocals are flat, off-key and full of reverb. The organ sounds like it is running out of batteries, but there is something about these songs that get me. Kennedy encapsulates the Brisbane soundscape like no other. These songs hark back rain-soaked days spent in a suburban garage sipping on leftover beer, bumming cigs and generally "not giving a fuck."

If you are at all interested in Kitchen's Floor or any of the amazing music coming out of the tropical capital known as Brisbane city then I HIGHLY recommend you buy this from their Bandcamp page asap. (edit: too late 7inch has sold out already. Only mp3 left)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

new shit and shit

I've been non-existent for quite some time mainly due to lack of access to internet as well as a new job working for the man. I've barely listened to any new music but I'll throw in some things I've been interested in...


Without a doubt my favourite new release of 2012 (even though I think it came out at the very end of 2011). Bunch of dirty garage punk from New Jersey bringing back the ghost of Jay and a healthy dose of nobunny's nasally vocals and king khan and bbq show's party looseness. Also giving Jersey some lost punk street cred after real estate dominated 2010 and 2011 with their jersey -shore-beach-chillz vibe.

After only a couple of little 7inches and some scratchy live bootlegs the liquor store boys cockily release this massive 2 x LP album. thats a lot of music, and it's all fucking good. 
here's a clip, but get the album.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Para Vista Social Club

This album was self released to 200 vinyl copies and shortly after frontman Craig Dermody went in exile to New York - no launch shows, east coast tours, nothing. Only whisperings of the album were overheard in the smoking area in between sets of forgettable bands when you're 4 schooners and 3 shots of whiskey deep and all you want to do is pick up or get a kebab.

Anyway, thankfully Bedroom Suck Records have decided to re-release the album for more people to hear, and Craig has returned to play some live shows as well as release a split 7" with newly formed Adelaide "supergroup" (that word is getting thrown around a lot lately) Peak Twins. (feat. members of Bitch Prefect and Wolf & Cub).

This is Flyning Nun/Clean style indie (whatever that word means anymore) tinged with grunge and pop music. Recommended if you like Eddy Current, The Clean, Twerps, Bitch Prefect

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Flying Nun Records 30th Anniversary

It's been 30 years since the legendary New Zealand label started up. Known for such amazing nz bands as the clean, the bats, the verlains, the dead C, axemen and many more. If you have been wanting to check out some good bands from the flying nun roster but don't know where to start, here is an excellent youtube playlist to help you.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Three reasons why Canberra ain't so bad

For those who are not from here, Canberra is in fact the capital city of Australia (bet you thought it was Sydney eh?). It is a "planned" city that was selected as our nations capital in 1908 as a compromise between Sydney and Melbourne for the capital crown. It often seen by outsiders as a strange city full of war museums and backstabbing politicians. But hidden in the depths of seedy venues is an underground music scene that is starting to make people sit up and notice. Here are my three of my favourites...

1. TV Colours

The TV Colours/Assassins 88 split 7" is one of the best purchases I made all year. Here's why

2. Assassins 88

Assassins 88 were the band that I wasn't too familiar with when purchasing the previously mentioned split 7" but are now firmly in my top 5 "bands I must see live" list. They consist of only two members; A bassist and a drummer with a microphone gaffer taped to his face a lot like Lightning Bolt but less intense instrumental faced-paced post rock and more on the lo-fi/garage side. This is their latest 7" called Beach People on Canberra's best label Dream Damage

3. The Fighting League

These guys describe themselves as "Tropical punks" whatever that means. It's reminiscent of 70's british punk like the buzzcocks but with a much more aussie slant. This latest album tropical paradise is fucking great, another band to keep an eye on.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Too busy for anything. Time for videos and wine

Is it just me or are we too busy to do anything we want to do? When it comes to listening to music nobody has the time to sit at their computer and listen to an album. And those who do aren't actually listening to the album at all, it's just background noise. I think the only true way to listen to an album is through the medium of vinyl, because that way you have to actually sit the fuck down and pay attention to the thing and flip it over. I now find myself sitting on the floor in the corner of my room, alcoholic beverage in hand (red wine, beer or whiskey) staring at the record rotating on the vinyl. It sends me into a weird meditation, and only at that moment am I ever truly listening to a record. Sure an ipod provides a nice soundtrack to train rides, car trips and lonely walks, but it will never have your complete attention.

Anyway, I'm slightly drunk again and rambling, basically what I wanted to get to was that people only really have time for music on the internet if their is enough visual stimulant to go with the aural. Hence why youtube video clips are so popular (as long as they are under 5 minutes - we got facebook statuses to update).

So to keep you motherfuckers interested I'm gonna drop some live performances I've been digging. enjoy, then go check fb.

This is Brendon Annesley's (RIP) band Meat Thump performing an excellent cover of V3's "Your Uncle". For some reason I like this even more than the original

Kitchen's Floor - "Back Home" - 18.12.2011 from Joshua Watson on Vimeo.

Matt Kennedy of Kitchen's Floor performing a solo set. Video by Joshua Watson

TV Colours (Live 21/08/2011) from Joshua Watson on Vimeo.

This is the amazing TV Colours from Canberra. Using his mustang guitar, a drum-machine and a heap of loopers and other effects this guy manages to make a one man show that I am envious of. The vocals are not the same as in his awesome split 7" (more reverb), but seriously I dig this...a lot. I implore you to watch it through to the second track and not be amazed at the looping skills as well as the amazing/heartbreaking song.

This is Boomgates (featuring Brandon Suppression of Eddy Current Suppression Ring) playing live at Repressed Records in Newtown. The video is by Matt Kennedy (Kitchen's Floor) under the alias Eternal soundcheck. Matt has already released a movie under eternal soundcheck that documents Australian underground music all through his home video camera. The sound quality isn't perfect and the picture is sometimes grainy, but I love it. Check out Brendan Suppression's awkward pacing and little dance. Oh yeah and that babe playing guitar is Steph Hughes from Dick Diver, who also happens to work at JJJ - I guess that place isn't completely evil. Still not gonna get me to listen to their tripe though...